Data Analytics


The Power of Data Analytics

1. Data Visualization

Data Analytics and Data visualization always go hand in hand

  • Because it is easier to interpret data as infographics , so most Users visualize data in tools like Tableau or Power BI . 
  • These tools are used because they help arrange data in the form of charts and tables which are easy to interpret
  • But the right support team can help elevate data visualization to a new level 
  • We can set you up to use these tools seamlessly with your ERP because it expensive to maintain and in-house team for it. 
  • And get you started on your Data Visualization journey.

2. Business Intelligence

  • Enterprise level systems have huge data volume.
  • So dealing with such high requires special tools called “BI Tools” 
  • Because most big companies needs these services, Brantford has resources with knowledge of multiple BI tools like Cognos, SAP BI etc. 
  • Our experienced resources can help you implement and provide support so that you can leverage BI Tools for your data.

3. Predictive Analytics

So businesses these days are not happy with just looking at historical reports. Because they want to use data to predict future events. 

Some examples of Data analytics usage for Predictive Analytics are:

  • Forecasting sales and/or inventory 
  • Creating customer segments and Cohorts.
  • Calculating probability of default by customers
Data is gold! Because these days the difference between success and failure in business depends on how correctly companies predict changes in the market. So don’t let this golden opportunity pass you by. Work with BCI and get the most from your data!
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