How can RPA Benefit Manufacturing Companies?

RPA Manufacturing

Many tasks in the manufacturing industry are repetitive. This pattern had prompted the sector to adopt robotics and automation first when the technology became viable for industrial use.  It is no surprise that manufacturing is quickly shifting to using RPA as the associated benefits are pronounced. The idea is to delegate the repetitive, low value tasks to Robotic Process Application (RPA) . This frees up human creativity for more complex and strategic functions. Not only will this improve business efficiency but also minimize resource wastage and lost revenue. RPA is the next big trend in the manufacturing industry. A report by Gartner predicts that almost 90% of all big organisations world wide will employ RPA in some form or other by the end of 2022.

Benefits of using RPA in manufacturing include:

Save Costs with RPA Manufacturing

Capgemini recently reported that using Robotic Process Automation helps the company to save almost 20% in annual operating costs. You can achieve similar cost savings for your firm as well by automating customer service, Bills of Materials maintenance, invoice processing, data migration, and more. Once you let the RPA take care of these repetitive tasks, you give up the need to hire so many employees for these profiles. This reduction in headcounts directly leads to better efficiency and thus, higher revenues.

Improve data entry, collection and analysis


Data engineers waste 60% of their time in collecting and aggregating useful data. And even after that, the human mind’s data processing capabilities limit analysis efficiency and collection accuracy. RPA manufacturing systems are designed to aggregate relevant data fast. It can read your business documents, BOMs, invoices and others to pick only the required data and free up your engineers just for analysis. With accurate data and its interpretation, you make better business decisions that help your bottom-line results.

Efficient customer service


Intelligent chatbots that can take care of recurring customer inquiries without any human interventions. Or an automated system that can generate, track and update invoices so that your customers receive a seamless service. With an RPA manufacturing application, you infuse efficiency in every step. You can maintain a 24*7 service while your customers can contact you from any part of the world, at any time, without human limitations. Great customer service creates a virtuous cycle of greater profits which can again be reinvested in the business to make customer service event better.

Effective inventory management

Manufacturing industry loses billions of dollars due to inventory mismanagement. But an RPA system can eliminate this drawback in your enterprise. With access to orders and invoices, the RPA can predict production levels, remove overproduction, detect supply chain bottlenecks, and optimize processing. Your inventory decisions become real-time with an RPA working in the background and you can scale your business easily to any size. Here again, you save costs and help your business’s profits.

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